Over 20 years in the game; Performing globally with over 50+ releases. From hosting on an electronic station called BPM:TV to now hosting Made of Music globally on The Asian Television Network, MH1, SonyMix, BritAsia + Many more. Not just an MC !! JD also has had several residencies and special guest appearances DJn. His specialty is jungle, dancehall, traphall and anything else that sounds good to him in the moment. Good music is good music; #NoGenres

With over 20+ years experience you are guaranteed a certified, award-winning professional. JD received the 2011/2012 Citizens Award for Acclaim in the Arts. He also released a solo album entitled ‘Punjabi Boyz’ with producer JT Saund. He is currently working on his TV show Made of Music that is currently airing across the world. He has toured with top international and local DJs.

Well not quite the moon but, MC JD has travelled globally showcasing his creativity, unique skill set and diverse style. He has worked with Hiphop, Rock, Dancehall, Reggae, Bhangra, Hindi and electronic artists alike.




Recording Artist / MC / Songwriter

Musical Genres

Drum & Bass / Jungle / Dancehall / Bhangra / World / Electronica



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