“I don’t really know what them emcees wanna prove no i’m not a millionaire but got more million rhymes then you

When i cut you – yo your Through nothing left for you to do your carrier is over back to washing dishes and serving food

You’re a fool trying to step against this emcee i’m a master and ill blast ya fucking with me is like a natural disaster isabella or katrina or the hurricane rita I don’t need a millimetre just a microphone and speakers

Matter fact don’t even need em my voice carries’ I’m a leader mother fucking ear bleeder but your like a cheerleader

Kicking legs and toe tapping you on the team i’m the captain brining the action ask your girl she knows i’m pure satisfaction Its Bandit!”


Bandit Emcee


Recording Artist / MC / Singer / Vocalist / Songwriter

Musical Genres

Drum & Bass / Jungle / Dancehall / Reggae / RnB / Hiphop



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