The Sun Gods

The Sun Gods

As we propel to the outer reaches of the aural universe – we provide a level or eargasms that the average humanoid does not comprehend – WE SMASH HOUSE!

iSmashhouse was founded in 2014.  iSmashhouse focuses on talent and individuals looking to break into the music, television, voice-over and film industries. Based out of Toronto, Canada we have a network that ranges globally, with partners in Vancouver, London, Punjab, Los Angeles and Mexico. Our artists include Vocalists, MCs, Rappers, Percussionists, music producers and composers.

iSmashhouse works with artists and provides them the ability to showcase their talents. We assist with artist management and promotion. We are dedicated to providing artists the ability to showcase their talents.

We provide recording facilities, video production, publishing, digital marketing, distribution and PR.

“And Those Who Were Seen Dancing Were Thought To Be Insane By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music.”

– Firedrich Nietzsche



  • Access to the latest technologies and world re-known engineers for vocal recording

  • Session recording for all instruments

  • Live stream and vlog your sessions for promotional use

  • Digital and analog mixing and mastering

Digital Marketing / PR

  • Access to a team of marketing specialist to design custom Social media campaigns

  • Access to professional photographers that specialize in the music insutry

  • Create an online presence and PR campaign

  • Get heard and seen via our Public and Media relations team

  • Artist Promotion and development

  • Digital Marketing strategies / Digital content (Logo, branding)

  • EPK preparation and maintaining Online presence

Video Production

  • Access to writers, producers and directors

  • Story boards / Story lines / Creative direction

  • Latest film technologies and equipment

  • Pre-production and post production

  • Distribution of final project to labels and online platforms

Digital Distribution

  • Distribution across specified digital platforms

  • Access to streaming services

  • Licensing and publishing agreements

  • Global accessibility

  • Global digital distribution (Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube Muisc, Google Play, Spotify)

  • Gigs / Shows (Tour management)

  • Register works with SOCAN / PRS / ASCAP / CIPO

You only live once seize


” Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso